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Hey guys!


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Heyy Guys! I miss you terribly! I havent written anything because Ive been very busy with my thesis and its due next monday! So Pray for me and wish me luck! Its amazing how things are going and the person I want and have to Thank  amongst all is God!

There's some errands I have to do now....soo...I'll do a BIG AND AWESOME hehehe Update for you guys shortly, with pictures! :D
Luv ya! 
Been gone for a whole while...but actually things have been great, weightloss is going awesome, people that know me are allways complimenting me...and I'm happy! My trainer's says that I have surprose him a lot, the way Ive been shedding fat, I weighted myself a couple of days ago and Ive crossed back the 200 pounds plateau..Im a 190 something right now! yay! Girls its not all about the weight the importance is being healthy and loosing Measurements! My face's finer now..Thank you God cuz I am beautiful!

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Is there a posibility...

So....I know Ive been gone for a while but Ive been trying to figure out some issues..one of them is getting the spark back to continue working on my thesis and the whole adulthood thing...you see Im 23 and I cant wait to get over this random phase I mean...Its like a second puberty..I still feel like a 19 year old but at the same time dont. you all know how it is ill finish this tomorrow its late...

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So other than True Blood, my favorite series right now is Glee! Woww its soo fuun! I cant believe I used to think it was lame without even watching it...specially with this gorgeous guy on it PUCKKK! I LOVE YOU!!

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1.So lets first, accept ourselves, our current state, love ourselves from the inside out, work with what we got and IMPROVE ourselves, "DONT BE AFRAID TO BE THE NEW YOU" quote from the Biggest Looser Success Secrets book. 

2. Dont be a subjet to other peoples comments, thoughts or comparisons, you are you, totally different from any other person in the world, you are original, your moment or trigger will happen, BUT YOU CANT SIT AROUND AND WAIT FOR IT.

3. This comes from me specially, Once I took charge of my life, acknowledge myself, my flaws and strengths, I became more discipline with exercise and dieting, hence I took  better care of my body that is skin, hair and makeup. I accomplished so much this past few months all this and i didnt have to be skinny I just needed a CHANGE OF ATTITUDE TO BOOST MY SELF CONFIDENCE!   

4. Dont wait for change to come to you you be the change, make the change happen. Thats what the girls above did and the succeeded in their dreams!!


I want to post...

Hey guys! I want to post again.....its just Ive been soo busy....THERE'S LOTS TO READ FOR MY THESIS AND LOTS TO SUMMARIZE..
But at least Im on a good track! 


Lets put things into perspective! ;)

So havent been writing more lately...but I think this a good time to do so. As you all now my mom's back, and Im soo happy also that on tuesday it was their 27th wedding anniversary! We had a big and healthy lunch, we had 3 kinds of fish cooked differently, yams and "moro con coco" which is rice with a blend a kind of green beans and coconut cream and other things that I cant remember...but everything was good!


 Here's a pic of the feastCollapse )  

Anyways, once you get the hang of eating healthy and in portions, your stomach begins to shrink, I felt to sad since I wanted to eat more but my appetite and stomach wouldnt let me...awww at least I had a piece of cheesecake :P shh! its allowed I checked :P  Everything was delicious! 

Today I felt horrible, very tired and achey..dont know why..maybe's my period..but amongst other things I didnt go to the gym...Im trying to organize some stuff and prioritize..its very important that my thesis and the gym have an altar right now...Ive been soo focused on learning about exercise, eating healthier etc. But the results are showing...but I cant keep on procrastinating with my thesis...my future and plans are on the line right now...so I cant risk it!

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I Hope we all keep supporting and motivating  each other! I luv you guys , I KNOW WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! WE JUST NEED PATIENCE! 

My mommy's back!! yay!

Hi there!

I' ve really neglected this couple of days my Lj...but its been hard to write since Ive encounter soo many emotions lately...

Havent you notice that exercise can be a quite overwhelming experience? Isnt it? Its in that moment when you are trying your hardest, pushing through and doing things you never new you could, that a bittersweet feeling tempts to wash over your high, its like a pump from out of nowhere, but you keep on battling it and at the end you DO WIN, but then...why did this feeling rushed over me? Are you guys following me?

Weight loss is more than a physical experience, is an emotional and psychologic change, its a lifestyle...havent you done a Yo Yo diet, but then you keep going back or a diet that worked but then you didnt change your eating habits  and act afterwards?  My taste buds have change completely Im more prone to feel easily, umm cant remember the word right now in english but is is parched, is it? (when something taste too sweet or salty/ or when you had too much of both)


Moorning!! yawn!

So till now everything's going great! Been kicking my ass with interval cardio and I feel great, yesterday I did interval running on the treadmill, inspired by my buddies gethawt_getfit  and [info]proj_perfect_me 

It really gets me going and  challenges me to obtain my objective! I feel great and strong and
I know that next month I'll see even more results.

Last night I went out with a friend to Hard Rock Cafe to a concert, it was a release of a brand single,
from a local singer, It was cool and great! We when arrived they took pictures of us :) I felt glamorous,
since I looked good hehehe!  And its been pouring out and raining like crazy! 
Then since neither of us had diner  we ordered an entree, Bruchetta! 

It was sponsored by a new Beer from this market, we had complementary beers , I drank two and they 
were light, also some appetizers but they were quite light! Had lots of fun and got home not too late! 

And guess what?! Ive got another activity today! A birthday party tonight at a Lounge!! hehehe I  better
tell my nutritionist! hahaha. Nahh I'll have diner before I leave since the thing's at 9:00 SO! YES! 

Well I'll be heading to the gym in an half hour or so! I'll post tonight!


Hey guys! @gethawt_getfit , @ proj_perfect_me  @ beginning_new
Here are some great articles and book for you guys! I love You!! 

The article link wont paste...so I'll give it to you later..


EAT THIS NOT THAT (Look for them on Amazon, there are many series, specially on Fast food)

Jillian's Master Your Metabolism and Master your Metabolism Calorie Counter

Bob Harper's Are You Ready? Take Charge, Loose Weight, Get in Shape,and Change your Life Forever

Today I woke up early to go the gym to have my evaluation before cardio ,I have some good news! 

I lost 2.3 % Body Fat!!  

   Previous Body Fat 36.4 to 34.1

Waist           37.4 to 37

Arms            14.8 to 14

Abdomen     46 to 45.5

Hips              44.7 to 44.8 (this means I gaine more muscle and they are toning)

Thighs          25.2 to 25.5  (same here)

Flexibility        20.5 to 20  (and I did'nt even stretched, can you imagine if I would've have? hehehe)   

Im soo HAPPY AND MOTIVATED! Im keeping this up! Oh also Ive finished a week of one hour cardio lets see what happens in 3 more weeks. Also Im going to get back on the Shred Horse or maybe try no more trouble zones, since I really what to get rid of this flaccidity. 

Writer's Block: Weekend wish list

What's your idea of the perfect weekend? Do you generally prefer unstructured time or a busy social calendar?

I think I like being stress!! hahah I dont know why?! Been socially busy has been fun, but sometimes it  can take a toll on your life and priorities. A perfect weekend is the one you can enjoy yourself, pamper and do relaxing or amazing things, maybe a little adventure. 

Structure gives me more confidence and lets me know there are things to get done, but an activity popping out of nowhere aint that bad. ;) 



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